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Project Description

This is an ASP.NET 2.0 web application using standard connection components : Login, LoginView, LoginSatus, LoginName, PasswordRecovery, CreateUserWizard and ChangPassword, to manage all things concerning users's registration and authentication in your web applications. You can also create roles and manage users in roles.

You just have to put the LoginModule.NET in the same virtual directory of the application you want to manage and configure the web.config.

This project is full compatible with the data base aspnetdb.mdf new in ASP.NET 2.0.

This project is a web site accessible by IIS 6.0 and supporting Framwork .NET 2.0
Does it support framework 3.5 ? I think so.

Main features:
  • manage secure connection
  • manage users registration
  • manage users in roles
  • secure password hashed or clear
  • retrieve password by user's question answer
  • secure your connections by simply modify the web.config
  • send email when users registred
  • internationalization by using App_GlobalResources and .resx files
  • changing web.sitemap on the fly by giving providers in the web.config file

Read more about the LoginModule

We also need flux at this place : (full web plateform for online survey in french langage only, sorry for others)

We need your help to release to develop new features, keeping the same principle:
Using standard components.

Have a look to Discussions.

Thanks to you all.

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